Can the design of my lighter be restored?

Every effort has been made to insure a quality imprint on your lighter, but the finish and design will wear with use. The technical process used in lighter customisation does not permit re-creation of designs.

How can I request my sentimental lighter be repaired, not replaced?

We make every attempt to repair a lighter sent to us for warranty service, replacing the item only when repair is not possible. If the lighter is damaged beyond repair, it will be replaced with a similar model, as the original model may no longer be available. If your lighter has been replaced, and you wish to have your original lighter returned, please contact Consumer Relations within 30 days. Your original keepsake item will be returned, unrepaired.

Can my lighter be refinished?

You can clean the exterior of your lighter with a soft cloth and cleaning fluid. Please be sure to wipe off all fluid and allow vapour to dissipate before lighting the lighter. Brass lighters may be cleaned with a high quality brass polish, following the manufacturers’ instructions. Sterling silver lighters can be cleaned with a high quality silver cleaner.

How can I have the original emblem put back on my Zippo lighter?

If the emblem was originally attached by Zippo, return the lighter and emblem to us, and we will re-attach it for you at no cost. If the emblem is lost, please describe the emblem and we will attempt to attach a new one, if we have the emblem in stock. Supplies of extra emblems are very limited.

Can Zippo attach an emblem of my choice to my lighter?

We do not attach customer-supplied emblems. The emblems included on Zippo lighters in our product line meet our strict specifications for flatness and durability

How can I replace my lost military Zippo lighter?

Past designs are no longer available. Current military designs are available from some Zippo retailers and on this site. Many U.S. military outfits have had special lighters made with their insignia which were only available at that time for that order. These lighters are not in our regular stock.

How do I add fuel to my Zippo windproof lighter?

Do this away from any source of fire or flame.

  • Remove the inside unit from the case. Lift the corner of the felt pad on the bottom of the insert to reveal the packing material in the fuel chamber.
  • Fill slowly to saturate the packing with Zippo lighter fluid. Stop filling when fuel reaches the top of packing. Never overfill. If overfilled, the lighter will leak fuel. Avoid getting the lighter fluid on your skin, as it is a skin irritant. If contact with skin does occur, wash the affected area promptly with mild soap and water. If irritation persists or worsens, contact your physician.
  • Insert the inside unit back into the case, making sure to wipe excess fluid from the lighter and your hands before igniting the lighter. Be sure the fuel can is closed and there is no spilled fuel in the vicinity before igniting. This is a flammable fluid.

If the Zippo lighter is kept in your pocket, Zippo suggests that it be placed bottom down, especially when first re-fueled in case you overfilled it.

Why does Zippo lighter fluid smell different than before?

Zippo Premium Lighter Fluid has a new formula which has low odour. It is clean-burning, fast-igniting, and is less irritating to skin. Why does the Zippo lighter fluid evaporate so quickly?

Zippo lighter fluid is a petroleum distillate and will evaporate even when the Zippo lighter is not used. Keep lid closed. Keep lighter away from bright sunlight or heat such as a radiator to reduce evaporation. Tip: If you haven’t used your Zippo lighter recently be sure to refuel it if you're planning an outing.

How can I change the wick in my Zippo windproof lighter?

When the wick becomes black from carbon, pull it up with pliers until the clean wick appears. Cut it off even with the top of the chimney and straighten the wick in the chimney. Trimming the wick can be performed twice before wick replacement is necessary.

To replace the wick, use tweezers to remove all packing from the fuel chamber. Insert a new wick downward through the chimney pulling it through with tweezers.

Replace the packing in small pieces, interweaving the wick between the padding pieces. Be sure to trim the wick even with the chimney height.

How often should I change the wick in my lighter?

It depends upon your usage pattern. Change the wick when the lighter does not light properly or after you have pulled up and trimmed the wick twice.

Do flints have to be replaced?

Yes, flints should be replaced every few weeks for an average user.

How do I change the flint in my Zippo lighter?

  • Remove the inside unit from your lighter.
  • Unscrew the flint spring using a small screwdriver or a coin (watch so the spring doesn't fly away).
  • Turning the inside unit right side up again, remove the remaining piece of flint (if any) by gently tapping the inside unit on a hard surface.
  • Insert a new Zippo flint in the long flint tube from which you removed the spring (the brass tip on the end of the flint spring is not a flint.)
  • Replace the flint spring and screw it in. Replace the inside unit in the lighter case.

Does it really make a difference if I use genuine Zippo products in my lighter?

Yes, it sure does! Zippo lighter fluid, flints, and wicks are all specially manufactured for optimum performance in our products. That means the products spend more time in your hands, less time in the repair clinic.

Can I purchase the Zippo inside and outside units separately?

The individual components of the Zippo windproof lighter are not available separately.

What are some trouble shooting tips I can try myself to get my windproof lighter working again?

Make sure the flint wheel generates spark. Replace flint if not sparking. Use only genuine Zippo fluid and flints for optimal performance in Zippo lighters. The softer material used in some non-Zippo flints can clog the striking wheel, making the lighter difficult to light. Make sure the lighter is fueled. If it is filled and not lighting, check the wick. Trim and replace if needed. Be sure the wick is properly interwoven in the cotton packing located in the inside unit.

Can I carry my lighter on board an aircraft?

When traveling outside Australia, please check with your airline before traveling for its rules or the rules relating to the country you are traveling in or to. On all domestic flights and most international flights, one fueled Zippo windproof lighter is permitted in the passenger cabin. On all domestic flights up to two previously fueled Zippo windproof lighters, in an approved container, can be stowed in checked luggage. New, never-fueled Zippo lighters can be stowed directly in checked luggage.

What is the Zippo windproof lighter guarantee?

Every Zippo windproof lighter is backed by our famous lifetime guarantee, "It works or we fix it free." For information about sending your Zippo windproof lighter for repair, click here.